Instant Pot Smart WiFi review and Specification

Instant Pot Smart WiFi review and Specification The Instant Pot multi-cooker series is more popular than ever and the new $ 150 Smart Instant Wi-Fi is the all-time high tech model. While remaining true to its popular 1000-liter (6-liter) design, Instant Pot has added Wi-Fi connectivity for remote control and Instant Pot application integration. The Instant Pot Smart WiFi is the most similar to the Instant Pot Plus Duo series and a little more expensive and smart. Wi-Fi can reassure anyone who hesitates not to monitor their multicooker, but overall, smart technologies do not allow you to use your instant pot. If you do not want to see the state of your instant pot remotely, you can satisfy yourself with a cheaper model.

Instant Pot Smart WiFi review

Instant Pot Smart WiFi review and Specification
Specification Instant Pot Smart WiFi
  • A smart, versatile and multifunctional pressure cooker is a revolutionary kitchen appliance with Wi-Fi connectivity and easy-to-use interfaces to monitor and monitor cooking progress through graphics.
  • Stainless steel (18/8) healthy food cooking pot 304, uncoated, 3-layer lower.
    Built with the latest third-generation technology, the microprocessor monitors pressure, temperature, maintains time and adjusts the intensity and duration of heating to achieve the desired results every time.
  • UL and Ulc certified with 10 security mechanisms that provide additional security to eliminate many common errors
  • Accessories include a stainless steel steam rack with handles, rice paddles, soup spoons, measuring cups and a condensate collector
    2.4Ghz Wifi

The Smart WLAN Instant Pot retains all the popular modes and features that customers know and love. There are buttons for beans, chilli, meat, rice, yogurt and cakes. You also get saute, fast cooking, steam and slow cooking functions. There is no program button for eggs or button to sterilize, but otherwise, this model is very similar to the Duo Plus series. The Instant Pot Comparison Chart gives you a good overview of the tradeoffs between each model. The Instant Pot Smart WiFi comes with a tablespoon, a rice paddle and a measuring cup.

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