Google Home Hub Review and Specifications

Google Home Hub Review and Specifications The Google Home Hub is small, but in many ways surprisingly useful: from organizing your smart home to a complex recipe to a place to eat if your cooking needs are not enough.

The little gadget is made powerful by the wonderful Google assistant. The line between the actual Google Home Hub and Google Digital Hub hardware is very blurred. To some extent, this differentiation may not be important for your purchase decision. The Hub is a $ 149 smart screen that combines the features of a smart, voice-activated speaker such as the original Google Home with a touch screen that allows you to view images, watch videos, search for Smart Recipes can control the house and more.

Google Home Hub Review and Specifications


If you're a fan of Google and want a Google-centric smart home or the idea of ​​a smart on-screen speaker and want to try one for step-by-step recipe tutorials, I'd like you to recommend the Google Home Hub Hub. With seamless touch control and intuitive voice commands, phyto-phobic members of your family can get used to it.

The distinction between hardware and software becomes even more important when you spend a little more and you are ready to consider third-party smart screens in addition to Google. Both Lenovo and JBL have smart screens with built-in Google Assistant and most of the same features as the Home Hub. I still prefer to use the touch screen of Google Assistant, but the new issues of Amazon Echo 230 euros (220 euros) are pretty good if you have already invested in the assistant Alexa Amazon. Otherwise, choose the $ 250 Lenovo Smart Display if you want a big screen and a stylish design. The JBL Link View for $ 200 gives you exceptional sound quality. (They are not yet available in the UK and Australia.)

The Google Home hub is currently the only large, clever, camera-free display, which may be inconvenient for some, but privacy-conscious people will appreciate this absence. Otherwise, it offers the same features as other smart screens at a lower price, making the Google Home Hub a useful and useful gadget at a great price.

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